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Open Concept Barn Beam Kitchen

What good is getting all the major features right if the details are neglected? At Master Design Cabinetry no part of a job is too small to receive our full attention. The tiny and unseen parts are just as masterfully worked as the large, obvious ones. From joints to molding to scroll-work, everything is crafted with care.

Design & Style Concepts

The family already had a fantastic foundation on which to build. What they needed was help - their kitchen needed more structure and organization The kitchen space was wide but misused and needed some aesthetic appeal. The client was able to work with us to set a more visual experience for the kitchen. Together we came up with a better overall experience in presenting and exploring a more functional environment.

Bringing It All Together

  • New Modern Color Palette

  • Fine Dark Stain Wood

  • Dark and Light Marble

  • Stainless Steel Accents

  • Hidden Components for Open Layout

  • Rustic Finish for the Cabinets

  • Open and Airy Feel

  • Repurpose Center Island

  • Upgraded Appliances

  • Crown Molding for Design

  • Accent Lighting with Stainless Steel and Marbelized Appearence

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