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Airy Custom Kitchen Remodel with White Oak Cabinets

Custom kitchen featuring white oak cabinets, skylights, and a large island with seating.

Mark King

Imagine Designs
Liz Mearns

MW Construction

Nova Soul Images

Alexandria, VA

Design & Style Concepts

Our client was building an addition to their home and was looking to upgrade to a brand-new kitchen with an open floor plan. They chose stunning white oak custom kitchen cabinetry to brighten up the space and added a wall of darker cabinets for a gentle contrast. Choosing the right stain was crucial to this project. Our client loved the natural variations of the white oak wood for most of the cabinets but wanted to keep the white oak grain on the dark cabinets. We went through several rounds of selection to find an option that wouldn't cover the character of the wood. After experimenting, we developed a process to match the exact color the client had in mind while keeping the grain visible. For added functionality, we incorporated hidden appliance storage with retractable doors to help our client easily conceal small appliances and eliminate countertop clutter. The final result is a beautiful, naturally-lit kitchen with twice the style and space.

Contemporary home bar with dark cabinetry, glass display cabinets, and integrated lighting.
Marble Countertop
Brass Farm Sink

Bringing It All Together

  • White Oak Cabinetry
  • Dark Oak Dining Table
  • Hidden Appliance Storage
  • Retractable Pocket Doors (Upper Cabinets)
  • Natural Lighting
  • Island Seating
  •  White Hood

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