Transitional and Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Cabinet Designer
Audrey Ulishney
Cappelletti Builders
Marlin Weaver
 It is a perfect blend of modern functionality and elegant design. This kitchen features a stunning island with a built-in microwave, offering both convenience and style. The island is complemented by a dark wood countertop and a luxurious gold faucet, creating a sophisticated centerpiece. The main cooking area boasts a high-end stainless steel range, dark wood cabinets, and a beautiful marble backsplash with gold accents, making this kitchen practical and visually striking. The home bar also includes glass-front cabinets and a wine fridge, ideal for entertaining and showcasing your finest glassware and beverages. Explore the details of this exquisite kitchen and get inspired for your next home renovation.

Design & Style Concepts

This project was extra special to us. The client is a builder who’s worked with Master Design in the past. His trust in our craftsmanship for his kitchen redesign is a testament to our high-quality work.
In this transitional/modern farmhouse style kitchen, the white upper cabinets paired with the walnut base cabinets make a stunning, contrasting statement within the room.
For a high-end touch, we built a custom white hood with brass strapping above the stove. Brass light fixtures and faucets were installed to add accents of brass across the room, tying the entire color scheme together.
Explore the details of our recent farmhouse-style kitchen island project, designed to combine rustic charm with modern convenience. This custom-built island features rich, dark wood cabinetry with elegant black hardware, providing ample storage and a timeless aesthetic.
The centerpiece is a stunning butcher block countertop with a built-in sink and a sleek, gold faucet, offering both functionality and style. Integrated seamlessly into the cabinetry, a modern microwave adds to the island’s practicality without compromising its rustic appeal. This project exemplifies our dedication to creating beautiful, functional spaces that cater to the unique needs and tastes of our clients. 
Discover the charm of our latest farmhouse-style home bar project, crafted to blend rustic elegance with modern amenities. For this client, we designed and built a cozy yet sophisticated bar area featuring handcrafted black cabinetry with glass-paneled doors, ideal for showcasing their glassware collection. The sleek white countertop provides a perfect surface for wine and cheese gatherings, while the built-in dual-zone wine fridge ensures beverages are always at the optimal temperature. With ample storage and a warm, inviting design, this project highlights our commitment to creating beautiful, functional spaces tailored to our clients’ unique tastes. 

Bringing It All Together

  • White Upper Cabinets
  • Custom White Hood with Brass Strapping
  • Brass Light Fixtures
  • Brass Sink Faucet and Pot Filler Faucet
  • Hidden Coffee Bar with Retractable Doors

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