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Quality Cabinet Finishes

When the space is finally yours, it’s the little details that will bring the room together. Complete the look and feel of your home with our collection of durable cabinet finishes. 

We love to design spaces and create cabinetry that continues to impress you over time. In addition to excellent design and expert installation, we do this by prioritizing high-quality cabinet finishes that protect your cabinetry.


A finish keeps the surface of your wood cabinetry looking beautiful long into the future by sealing it with a protective layer that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. At Master Design, we use a hand-finishing technique to create subtle and unique variations that make your cabinets one of a kind.

A Testament of Quality

Our topcoats are durable, scratch- and mar-resistant, household chemical-resistant, and UV resistant to protect your wood from normal wear and tear while retaining its beautiful luster and sheen. We use 2K water-based poly sealers and topcoats in our state-of-the-art cabinet finish facilities for unmatched durability and beauty.

mahogany base cabinets in the kitchen

Paint Finish

Paint cabinet finishes provide a crisp, classic styling. We offer full coverage of enamel paints that are smooth and durable with rich, saturated colors. With an attractive palette of fashionable and classic colors, our custom-color palette can match any style preference.

Stain Finish

Stained cabinet finishes enhance the natural color and beauty of the wood we use. Our finish artisans meticulously sand the surface and profiles of the door, so the stain is absorbed evenly.

We then spray the surface and use our hand-wiped technique to develop a beautiful, transparent color that showcases the grain and character of the wood. Our durable, 2K water-based poly sealer and topcoat protect the finish and create a soft luster with a smooth, silky feel.

Glaze Finish

A semi-transparent color applied over the paint for added depth and dimension, glaze adds a subtle wash of color to the base stain, creating a brushstroke look. Rub-Thru is available as an option for any painted finish, and when specified, corners and edges are sanded to reveal the underlying wood to create a time-worn, antique look.

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