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Amish Cabinet Makers is Who We Are

At Master Design, our name is an extension of who we are. For us, quality craftsmanship is a way of life, and it begins with an eye for detail, an ear for our clients' needs, and a passion for what we do.

No part of the job is too small to receive our full attention, and no part is too big to scare us away.

The Masters
Behind The Design

Beginning with the desire to bring only the best custom cabinets to our clientele, Amos Stoltzfus founded Master Design with the mission of making dreams come true. Believing that excellence starts at home, Amos’ care for his clients is an outworking of his love and care for his family and friends.

With their support, he launched Master Design Cabinetry in 2009, growing over the years to become a standout in custom cabinetry design.

A Design Eye
in Both Worlds

Our dream to design has led us to create custom cabinetry for clients up and down the East Coast. With our roots in the Lancaster County work ethic and an eye for design that stays on the cutting edge of innovation, the phrase “if you can dream it, we can create it” comes up a lot.

Some of our clients have taken us up on that and given us a challenge, but our love of craftsmanship, creativity, and a job well done has kept word-of-mouth marketing working in our favor.

Crafted with Precision

Every cabinet designed for your space is carefully hand-built by our skilled craftsmen. You never have to worry about us cutting corners on the job because our builders pride themselves on the quality of their work.

Every detail of your custom cabinets will be tended to because master craftsmanship is what we do best.

Our Logo,
Our Promise

If you’re keen on design like we are, you may have noticed the “M” in our logo doubles as a compass and a protractor. Why? The protractor is an easy one: without attention to detail, we wouldn’t be much of a cabinetry design business.

The compass signifies our passion for bringing direction to our clientele’s dreams, helping you get from your current kitchen, bath, or living area to a remodel that feels like home; without that element, we couldn’t call ourselves Master Design.

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